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How can I visit Palmyra Atoll?

  • Visiting Palmyra is difficult due to its very remote location. See the US Fish and Wildlife Service's site to learn more about for visiting Palmyra Atoll.

I would like to conduct research at Palmyra Atoll. Where do I start?

  • Current research conducted at Palmyra Atoll is spearheaded by the member institutions of the Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium. For specific research inquires, visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service's .

Are there any volunteer opportunities?

  • Numerous exist within the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Refuge System and other federal programs. At present, there are no volunteer opportunities on Palmyra, but USFWS is exploring possibilities for establishing a volunteer program in the future. Updates will be posted on the .

I have a question about a job posting I saw or an application I submitted for a job at Palmyra.

  • The Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium is not involved in hiring of station staff. All inquires should be submitted to or the address listed in the original job posting.


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