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Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium

What is PARC?

The Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium (PARC) is a collaborative partnership of universities, museums, and conservation organizations that conducts innovative, interdisciplinary work on the natural systems of Palmyra Atoll and the central Pacific. These studies span the realms of both land and sea, and include diverse fields such as oceanography, geology, chemistry, and biology. PARC scientists are researching everything from the ocean currents that wash this remote atoll to the microbes, plankton, plants, crabs, fish, sharks, whales, and birds that live here. PARC research provides a fundamental understanding of nature, broadens public appreciation of marine conservation, and informs management of island and coastal ecosystems worldwide.


Who is in PARC?

Current PARC members include:

Past PARC members include:


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